Atsushi Ronbu to Prime Minister Abe "Apologize for the bad things"

Atsushi Tamura of London Boots No. 1 and No. 2 [46] appeared on the live broadcast of the cultural broadcast "London Boots No. 1 and No. 2 Tamura Atsushi's News Club" [Sat. 1pm] on the 18th.

Atsushi is currently distributing YouTube, but since the recording of all variety programs was stopped due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, it became the first work in a week in the studio. "I've been in the studio for the first time in a week. I work only on Saturdays. This radio and the information program of TOKYO MX after this are the only ones," he said.

"I sometimes have a sore throat." Yoshimoto Kogyo calls me every day to check my body temperature and asks, "Is it okay?" What happened? "And then he said," Let's think about it then. "

Atsushi pointed out that it would be wrong to make a big noise because a high-risk person such as a nurse or a long-term care worker was infected. "It's not the same as Mr. Junichi Ishida was going to golf. I would like to hear the opinions of people who speak loudly to infected people."

Atsushi was a problem because Prime Minister Shinzo Abe explained that Mrs. Akie was visiting Oita on the 15th of last month, "before the request for self-restraint." "I told Ryo-san [my partner who was lying about the dark business problem], but if you acknowledge the bad things and apologize, you'll gain more confidence."

He also mentioned that Prime Minister Abe uploaded a figure to relax with his dog in line with the video of Gen Hoshino's "Let's Dance at Home". “It's true of my wife, but so is the video of Gen Hoshino. I also wanted to imitate Abe, but the impersonator [Masashi Satake Bisquette] was doing it right away,” laughed.

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