Attention brand name digest(early):beak,Ishikawa made, car navigation, etc

*12:02JST attention brand name digest[early]:beak,Ishikawa made, car navigation, etc
Techno horizon<6629>:837 yen [- 23 yen] Almost recovered update. A consolidated subsidiary of hotel [Nagoya City]up to A3 size for a compact USB Visualizers [document cameras]”OX-1″to 12 at the end of the month to be released and announced. Web camera as a part of, and integrated electronic blackboard”ELMO xSync Board”and the connection is also possible. Education and ICT as a theme, but in addition to being almost recovered update 900 yen to ride a vision came into view from the morning shopping had gathered, but then turned negative to.

Beak<3193>:2284 yen [+376 yen] Skyrocket. Last week at the end of the 1st quarter, and 11 months of monthly trends announced. The 1st quarter operating income 5 billion yen compared with the same period last year 3. 7 times,the first half of the plan progress against the rate of 59% is reached. Net sales decreased, profitability management and sluggish store store contributed. Also, 11 months of same-store sales increased less than 1. 5% increase for the 23 months of conversion played and buy better strength to have.

Ishikawa made<6208>:1607 yen [+139 yen] Progressive global energy. At the end of last week North Korea Satellite Launch Site in a”very significant experiment”was successful and announced. Experimental details are not revealed is, in part, ICBM engine combustion test was likely, as has been pointed out yet. Geopolitical risks of relapse and reflect,defense-related stocks as a representative of the company’s interest is heading, etc. Howa Kogyo<6203>The most relevant stocks to buy gaining ground.

Kao<4452>:8858 yen [+162 yen].
Negative. Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co., Ltd. is the investment decisions to”neutral”from”Buy”to bumped up a bit the action・list to new hires, the Target stock price 7600 yen 10500 yen have raised. China’s cosmetics market, the flagship brand presence rise, the domestic and the business from China and cosmetics and business transformation,the cosmetics business of growth accelerated by strong cash generation and the improvement of fundamentals for the bullish stance to switch to.

Sekisui House<1928>:2380 yen [- 27 yen] Anti. Last week at the end of the 3rd quarter earnings to have. Cumulative operating income is 1550 billion yen compared with the same period last year 35. 9%an increase of 8-10 month period of 420 billion yen, in 18. 6% and to 2 increase. Contracting type business is steadily remained in the United States, rental housing for sale to have contributed. On the other hand, detached housing orders and a spike in demand ahead of the consumption tax hike rebound in the sluggish economy. Nomura Securities is the rise in stock prices in tenants such as investment decisions to”buy”from”neutral”and downgraded to.

Online navigation<4435>:8270 yen [+260 yen] Significantly 3 days rebound. Investor communication and their understanding of what they sponsor research report issued and announced. UK Independent Japanese equity research firm created in requested. 3 months after its listing,English version of the Analyst report is issued for overseas institutional investors to explain and improve. Research reports issued by investment from overseas expansion and speculation from, buy from bulging seems.

Ski resort development<6040>:877 yen [+5 yen] 4 negative. 20 years 7 year on year, net profit of the conventional expectations of 4. 40 billion yen from the 5. 00 billion yen [results for the previous fiscal year 6. 07 billion yen] revised upward. The subsidiary of fixed assets transferred 2. 64 billion yen of extraordinary gains recorded on the other hand, within the resort of the Aged do not use lifts and buildings such as retirement accompanied on disposal of fixed assets loss as 1. 50 billion yen of the extraordinary loss the company expects. Operating income is expected to 7. 00 billion from a surplus[the same 6. 29 billion yen profit]is deferred for. Q1[19 years 8-10 month] 2. 93 billion of the deficit was. 《ST》

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