Attention brand name digest(early):Green A,YE digital,sea, etc

*11:56JST attention brand name digest[early]:Green A,YE digital,sea, etc
The system<9692>:2198 yen [- 87 yen] Significantly anti. The day before the 3 quarter earnings to have. Total operating income 44. 4 billion yen compared with the same period last year 20. 1% Profit,11 month 15 days to correct for the first half results 28. 7 billion yen in the same 13. 1% increase,and an increase rate increasing shape. However, IoT-related and performance expectations are high and the 11 month since the rebound trend the strong for. Full-year earnings revised upward on the other hand, there were also expectations as expected, the Deferred receive through out the game too strong to deploy them.

Yamaoka House<3399>:2130 yen [+85 yen] Almost recovered update. 20 years 1 month period of annual dividends to the traditional expectations of the 14. 00 from ¥ 16. 00 Yen [results for the previous fiscal year 14. 00 yen] revised new. 20 years and 1 month for 3rd quarter[19 years 2-10 months]of operating profit compared with the same period last year 23. 4% to 4. 02 billion yen in the land. Talent shortage to eliminate measures did focus on this and the result was. Full-year forecasts Year 11. 9%, an increase of 4. 54 billion yen in deferred for. The progress rate is 88. Reached 5%, the plan is likely to surpass that expectations from buyers that have.

YE digital<2354>:571 yen [+28 yen] Suddenly repulsive. Nishi-Nippon Railroad, a subsidiary of the Nishitetsu EM・tech, and bus stop information medium to use as a”smart bus”project in the national deployment of the business Alliance announced that. The future between the two companies Capital One advance consultation seems. The liquid crystal panel and electronic paper using the manual timetable updates and accident information and advertising delivery of the bus of convenience and profitability to increase. Future revenue benefit, and strengthening our corporate structure to see a view that is ascendant.

Green A<3475>:2105 yen [+216 yen] Skyrocket. The day before 19 years 10 months fiscal period presented. Operating income 17. 6 billion yen in the previous fiscal year 4. 6%increase,the traditional forecast of 17 billion yen and above the land as well. The 3rd quarter compared to the same period last year 20. 0%decline was for 8-10 on a year-on-year revenue suddenly recover good to have. Also, units for sale, an increase of a factor 20 years, 10 months and 23. 4 billion yen year on year to 33. 1% increase greatly increase prospects. Revenue increased by annual dividends for the prior fiscal year of 47 yen from 61 yen to increase expects.

ALiNK<7077>:4030 yen
Public price[1700 yen]of about 2. 36 times the 4020 yen opening with. The day before the listing but the buy orders flooded the trading was not. The company was established 13 years 3 months 15 days. The main business is weather professional site”tenki. jp”of the operation. 20 years and 2 months of operating income for the Year 9. 3% decrease of 3. 17 billion yen. Provide content and usability improvements,public relations initiatives such as business expansion, seeking a highly specialized talent to do. 2nd quarter actual is 1. 90 billion yen. The progress rate is 59. 9%.

Tempo HD<2751>:2314 yen [+66 yen] Significantly negative. 20 years 4 year on year operating income of the traditional expectations of 21. 62 billion yen from 23. 35 billion yen [results for the previous fiscal year 19. 53 billion yen] revised upward. Share of profit of investments accounted for using the equity method is 1. 5.1 billion yen [YoY 192. 3% increase] as profit, to expand the prospect. 2nd quarter cumulative total[19 years 5-10 month] results compared with the same period last year 31. 2%, an increase of 12. 22 billion yen in land. Retail business such as growth,for the benefit of the entire press up. 《ST》

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