Attention brand name digest(early):man-made,square HD,pictures etc

*11:58JST attention brand name digest[early]:man-made,square HD,pictures etc
Shiseido<4911>:5500 yen [- 564 yen] The plunge. The day before first-half earnings,the operating loss of 3.4 billion yen the deficit was. The 1st quarter of 6.5 billion yen surplus for the 4-6 month period by ¥ 9.9 billion deficit. Market expectations of 100 billion yen downside to like. New type of corona virus-related expenses part of the extraordinary loss are also transferred to. Cosmetics sales decline in China, the business profit margin deterioration is a deterioration in earnings, mainly due to. Full-year operating income is zero and publicity, the second half of the recovery of the blunt minus the visual to. The annual dividend rose 20 yen to maintain the 40-yen and.

Shimadzu made<7701>:3185 yen [+403 yen] Skyrocket. On the eve of Q1 earnings,operating income 60. 8 billion yen compared with the same period last year 36. 3% of the considerable increase. Market expectations of 50 billion yen to close above it. The measurement equipment of the competitors compared to the slump in sales is small, the rise of the most anticipated of the situation seems. Full-year plan of 22.0 billion yen year on year to 47. 4% decrease is deferred, the progress rate 28%years, compared to extremely high standards, significant performance upside is also to be aware of the situation seems to have become.

Rack<3857>:1085 yen [- 118 yen] Significantly losses. 21 in the first quarter of the fiscal year ended March 31, [20 years 4-6 on]of the operating income of 3. 16 billion deficit[the figures for the same period in the previous year is 1. 45 billion yen of deficit] was presented. Security Services [SSS] business in the strengthen investment in addition, telecommuting, etc. against the burden of employees to the special support lump sum payment of such measures is sounded,the deficit expanded. Full-year forecasts year on year to 21. 7%, an increase of 21. 50 billion yen of surplus is deferred to.

Square HD<9684>:6980 yen [+850 yen] Skyrocket. The day before 1st quarter earnings,operating income increased 24.5 billion yen compared with the same period last year 3. 4-fold and significantly increased. The nest of the most in demand games by sector companies financial results are generally good, but too strong and it is evaluated by. 4 on was released in”Final Fantasy 7 remake”of the hit to higher sales background of the making of the hit original version of the number of sales that lead to the expansion. Full-year forecasts on non-disclosure, but the consensus out there about that.

Bank Innovation<4393>:2400 yen [+96 yen] Significantly 6 days after. Smartphone game”Phantom Beast contract script”and”a great film-MITRASPHERE-“the Chinese mainland for delivery on the 6th, to game version No. get and announced. Both domestic in the hit fantasy RPG in mainland China distribution starting time is 20 years and 9 months in the planning. For China delivery is started, if the number of users increases in the future profit potential of observations from the buy into seems to have.

SUMCO<3436>:1478 yen [- 160 yen].
The plunge. The day before the first half earnings, with operating income of 23.2 billion yen, compared with the same period last year 30. 9%decline was. 4-6 month period of 115 billion yen, the company plans to slightly below landing on. Also, the 7-9 month period the prospect is 80 billion yen to 100 billion yen of market expectations to the downside,the previous quarter level, compared to. Depreciation and other cost increases expected 比下 swing of the mainly due. The company side is 300 mm wafer demand is strong and the comments, but the immediate revenue of sluggish growth to the negative view of the movement followed.

Pictures<4385>:5290 yen [+630 yen] Almost recovered. 20 year 6 month period of operating profit to 193. 08 billion of the deficit[to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from 121. 49 billion deficit]and announced. Sales year on year to 47. 6%, an increase of 762. 75 billion yen to the growth of advertising costs and labor costs increase, such as sounding, and losses expanded. However, curbing investment and reducing costs in the company expectations [250.00 billion-230.00 billion of the deficit] more favorable result. Full-year forecasts on non-disclosure, but the U.S. business and oil business has been actively promoting a policy. 《ST》

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