Attention brand name digest(early):stress, NEC, Shiseido, etc

*11:57JST attention brand name digest[early]:stress, NEC, Shiseido, etc
JTOWER<4485>:4300 yen [+190 yen] Significantly 5 negative. 21 years and 3 months period of operating loss expected to the year 115. 4%, an increase of 1. 50 billion yen of surplus and announced. 5G according to the capital investment of the earnest received,the infrastructure first, expansion and penetration to promote. At the same time announced 20 years and 3 months of operating income is 0. 69 billion surplus[to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from 1. 69 billion deficit]in the land. Domestic and Southeast Asia, large-scale facilities in the mobile infrastructure sharing in the new introduction, and the return to profitability and contributed to the.

Konica Minolta<4902>:386 yen [- 19 yen] Significant losses. The previous day on forecasts of a downward revision of their forecast,operating income is conventional 200 billion yen from 80 billion yen year on year, to ¥ 87. To 2 percent lower. Corona virus, the impact of 110 billion yen downside factor was goodwill, an impairment such as downside factors. Annual dividend to 30 yen from 25 yen to have lowered. Also, Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities in investment decisions to the”weights”from the”product weights”downgraded to the West, the ratio of the height to fall short of the degree of the magnitude of the reflection.

NEC<6701>:4620 yen [+230 yen] Significantly negative. The day before the 20 year and 3 month period of earnings,operating income 127.6 billion yen in the previous fiscal year 2. 2 times,5 October 8 upwardly to the announcement date, but the year-end dividend for the traditional 30 yen from 40 yen to have raised. Also, the 4th quarter is a transient cost and additional measures 16.5 billion yen this obviously. Results in reality more than expected strong and growing. 21 years and 3 months period is 1500 billion yen in the 17. 5% increase of the plan,dividends prospect announced. Corona effects is 400-500 billion yen is expected to like.

Shiseido<4911>:6299 yen [- 322 yen] Significantly anti. The day before, the 1st quarter earnings announcement, operating income of 6.5 billion yen compared with the same period last year 83. 3% of the significant decline was. The market consensus of 200 million yen was at the level of. Also, the full-year forecasts of conventional 1170 billion yen year on year to 2. 8%, an increase from undecided to change. At the feet of the situation,China began to recover in Japan and Western countries in demanding sales trends and more. Earnings consensus has further reduced the flow seems to have become.

Toyota itself<7203>:6406 yen [- 121 yen].
Indices. The previous day’s trading hours during the 20 year and 3 month period of earnings, then the sales dominance of deployment is followed. Operating income was 2 trillion 4429 billion yen year on year to 1. 0%a decrease, down by the impact is 1600 billion yen as that. On the other hand, 21 years and 3 months period to 500 billion yen in the same 79. 5% of a substantial decrease of Prospect. Decrease of the width is more than expected and the view is gaining ground, as the share buyback was postponed this negative view has been like. However, financial assumptions such as strict for Plan figures are too conservative to say that.

Stress<3237>:65 yen [+4 yen] Significantly rebound. 21 years and 3 months period of operating loss expected to 4. 00 billion of surplus and announced. Existing real estate for sale early sale can recover the invested capital figure. Also, the inbound recovery in demand in anticipation of sending their students and real estate investors to sell to focus on. 20 years and 3 months ended operating income 9. 31 billion of the deficit[to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from 3. 75 billion of surplus]. The new coronavirus infection of expansion of influence, the principal investment business and the solutions business were weak.

McDonald<2702>:5490 yen [+20 yen] Plus conversion. 20 years 12 months ended Q1[20 years 1-3 months] operating profit in the same period of the previous year compared to 8. 2%, a decrease of 77. 08 billion and announced. Delivery service carried out a number of stores to increase sales 4. 9% to 722. 86 billion yen, while cost of sales 7. An increase of 4% 579. 17 billion yen bulging from profits shrank. Full-year forecasts year on year to 3. An increase of 5% 290. 00 billion yen in deferred for. The progress rate is 26. 6%. 12th almost recovered[5470 yen] terms combined was this expectation to have invited you. 《ST》

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