Attosecond laser quantum control method to a new understanding of quantum computer applications faculty from the

Attosecond laser science called 学際領域 would I have known. 100 Kyo-min of 1 second width in the light of the”attosecond laser”, using Material Science and life science, the progress of the figure to a new academic area, fast moving atoms and molecules of the kinetic mechanisms are used.

【Here】Graduate school, the integration of possible quantum entanglement light source to realize a quantum computer, the miniaturization of the acceleration

Waseda University and the German Max Body Institute, Canada National Research Institute, Research Group, the second laser light and infrared light by a new quantum control method to the elucidation of successful. 2 laser light wavelength and intensity control, and this is difficult it is considered to be an Artificial a particular quantum state[excited state] formation is realized. The research group”efficient chemical control of the establishment, as Quanta Computer is expected to be applied to the”and all that.

Atom, the configuration of the electrons in the energy state[level], depending on the most energy is lower ground state and,otherwise, the energy of the higher excited state to transfer the property to have. On the other hand, such a quantum state selectively control technology that is, an electron of an atom which indicates the substance of the electronic wave functions is strongly affected,difficult been considered.

Even in the midst of the study group in 2017, the seconds of the laser 1 in the extreme ultraviolet laser light and infrared light, combining the neon atom’s quantum state can be selected to announce that. Extreme ultraviolet laser light alone, the energy levels in the excited state overlap,the ground state transition is difficult for the infrared light are combined, the energy level can freely change the heading.

However, why is it that the physical mechanism is understood, and development research as this,new measurement and quantum scientific calculation was carried out.

Experiment in the study, the second laser light and the infrared light at the same time to the neon atom, is irradiated with emitted electrons for a momentum measurement. And, the initial condition of the infrared light radiation amount is, the magnetic quantum number is the excited state and nearly of m=0 to indicate a contrast, the intensity of infrared light I and,m=1 represents the distribution of the selective measurement can.

From the model analysis results,infrared light energy, incidental to the electron level between the energy of the same, when m=0 and m=1 energy levels significant change was found.

In addition, such as attosecond laser light of wavelength of infrared light, in combination with any quantum state to generate in order to investigate the attosecond laser light having a wavelength of 0. 4eV degree continuous scan, and at the same time, the electron momentum distribution at the same time can be measured by the measurement system to build. Thus, the electron that indicates the position of the wave function such as the conditions change from turns out, numerically the theoretical calculations can be.

The research group,the results of this research are based on”light by electronic excitation of the process to the control of the new methods presented,”he said. The wavelength change attosecond laser light and high intensity laser light the combination of”a particular quantum state selective excitation can be”and that. [Article: a small town on the sea・The article list to look at]

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