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Atx-m 85mm F1.8 FE medium telephoto lens for cospa high α

Kenko Tokina announced on January 17 the short focus lens "atx-m 85mm F1.8 FE" for Sony E-mount. This is a medium-sized telephoto lens for full size, and the price has been kept down while focusing on the imaging performance and bokeh. The suggested retail price is 56,000 yen [excluding tax] and will be released from February 7.

  • Atx-m 85mm F1.8 FE, a medium telephoto lens for Sony E-mount

The first lens in the new "atx-m" series of interchangeable lenses for Tokina's mirrorless cameras. The "m" in atx-m stands for "motif" [motivation / creative action], and means "users can inspire creative action." The lineup will be different from the high-performance full-size dedicated lens "FiRIN" series, and we will develop products with high cost performance.

  • Place on the α7 series

The atx-m 85mm F1.8 FE is a medium-telephoto lens that supports the 35mm format, and demonstrates its power in snap photography utilizing the brightness of F1.8. The lens configuration consists of 10 elements in 7 groups. SD glass [FK01] is arranged in the rear group to correct chromatic aberration. Both high contrast and beautiful bokeh are achieved.

  • Lens configuration

The inner focus system is adopted, and the stepping motor is excellent for quietness. The front of the lens is coated with a WR [water repellent], making it difficult for water or oil to adhere. The exterior uses a lot of metal to enhance its solidity and texture. The main specifications are as follows.

  • Minimum aperture: F16
  • Number of diaphragm blades: 9
  • Minimum focusing distance: 0.8m
  • Macro maximum magnification: 1.8
  • Filter size: 72mm
  • Body size: Maximum diameter 80mm x total length 93mm
  • Weight: 645g
  • Accessories: Bayonet hood [BH-727], lens cap

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