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Au PAY payment is a great deal for BIC in July. Up to 12% reduction campaign started-Engadget Japan version

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<p>Engadget Japan</p>
<p>BicCamera has been holding the "Ponta Point Integration Memorial Campaign!" since July 1st. With this campaign, you can pay by au PAY during the campaign period, and even if you are not an au user, you can get a maximum of 12% points.</p>
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The breakdown is 4% for Ponta points and 8% for Big points. However, there is an upper limit on the number of points that can be returned to Ponta points, which is 300 points each time and a total of 3000 points.

Ponta point integration commemorative campaign!


From Wednesday, July 1, 2020 to Friday, July 31, 2020

Target settlement

au PAY app (bar code payment), au PAY card, au PAY prepaid card

*Air BicCamera Narita Airport Terminal 2 store is only applicable to au PAY app (bar code payment).

Target store

All BicCamera/Kojima/Sofmap stores

*Not applicable to online shops.


If you pay with au PAY, you will get 8 points (4%) for every 200 yen (tax included). If you pay with au PAY on Santaro's Day (7/3, 13, 23), au users will get 20 points (10%) for every 200 yen (tax included), and 14 points (7%) will be added for non-au users.

The maximum point redemption during the period is 3000 points/month for each au ID. The maximum point redemption is only for points redeemed in this project. We will notify you in advance if this project is to end. Points to be redeemed in this project will be added by the end of the second day after the use as Ponta points. For details, please contact the au PAY site or au dealer staff.


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