au updates "AQUOS R compact" to Android 10

au's smartphone, "AQUOS R compact [SHV41]" made by Sharp, has begun to deliver an update that updates the OS to Android 10. The user's terminal is sequentially notified.

  • AQUOS R compact [SHV41]

  • Metal black

  • Metal black

  • Rose pink

  • Moon white

The main updates are the introduction of the dark theme and the improvement of the user interface such as phone function, phonebook, quick panel, character input, and file management. Detail isau websitechecking … The software build number after the update will be "03.00.00".

The update file size is as large as about 1.9GB, so execute it in a Wi-Fi environment. In addition, free space of about 2.4GB or more in the main body memory and 40% or more of remaining battery power are required. The estimated update time in a Wi-Fi environment is about 30 minutes.

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