au updates AQUOS R, Xperia 8 and Galaxy A30

Update delivery to improve security and defects has started for smartphones handled by au, Sharp's "AQUOS R [SHV39]", Sony's "Xperia 8 [SOV42]", and Samsung's "Galaxy A30 [SCV43]".

  • AQUOS R [zirconia white]

  • Xperia 8 [orange]

  • Galaxy A30 [blue]

In each case, the target OS version is Android 9 [Pie], and AQUOS R [SHV39] etc. will upgrade the OS version to Android 9 [Pie] and apply this update.

With this update, the security patch level will be "February 2020". For details on security updates, seePublic Android Security Bulletin-February 2020"checking.

In addition, with the Galaxy A30 [SCV43], the problem that Bluetooth connection may fail is also improved.

Updates are performed when the device is fully charged, and a Wi-Fi environment is recommended. Estimated update file size and update time [Wi-Fi environment] for each device are as follows.

  • AQUOS R [SHV39]: about 510MB, about 15 minutes
  • Xperia 8 [SOV42]: about 380MB, about 10 minutes
  • Galaxy A30 [SCV43]: about 140MB, about 10 minutes

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