au updates AQUOS SERIE mini

Security update distribution has started for smartphones handled by au, "AQUOS SERIE mini [SHV33]" manufactured by Sharp.

  • AQUOS SERIE mini [SHV33]

  • white

  • scarlet

  • sapphire

  • black

The target OS is Android 5.1 / 6.0 / 7.0. For Android 5.1, OS update to Android 7.0 is required first. For Android 6.0, applying this update will automatically apply the update to Android 7.0.

After applying this security update, the security patch level will be "August 2019". For details on security updates, seeAndroid Security Public Information-August 2019"checking.

Updates are performed when the device is fully charged, and a Wi-Fi environment is recommended. The update file size is about 315MB, and the approximate update time in a Wi-Fi environment is about 20 minutes.

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