Audible, an audiobook reading app that lets you listen to books with your ears!

I'm busy every day and don't have much time to read. I would like to recommend such an audio book application “Audible[Audible] ”. You can understand the contents of the book just by listening to the voice ♪

What is "Audible"?

"Audible" is an application of "Audiobook", a service for listening to books operated by Amazon. Reading is a text-by-eye reading, but "Audiobook" is a new reading style where you can listen to a book by voice!

There are a wide variety of books to listen to, from business books to literature, Western books, and light novels. There are many books in every genre, so I'm wondering what to read!

This app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows, so it's great that you can use it not only on your smartphone but also on your computer or tablet.

"Audible" is recommended for such people

I'm always busy and don't have time to read. I want to make effective use of my time while commuting to and from school. I'm not good at type printing. How to recommend "Audible" to people.

Since "Audible" is only heard by ear, there is no need to support a book with your hands or read sentences with your eyes. While doing housework, moving, training in the gym,Reading while doing somethingIt's perfect for people who are not good at reading sentences and don't continue reading.

It is also recommended to ask during a relaxing time before going to bed. I listen to it before going to bed, but it's nice to listen to it in a calm space so that the content is easy to remember!

Only one paid plan for "Audible"

The paid plan for "Audible" members is only 1,500 yen per month. It's simple and easy to understand! There is no cost for downloading or canceling the application.

Become a member every month1 coinYou can buy one book for one coin. You can buy any book for 1 coin, so it's a good idea to buy a book worth 1,500 yen or more.

Furthermore, in "Audible"ReturnsThere is a system. You often don't like the book you bought and don't read it to the end, or you wonder why you won't read it again?

If you return the book you bought at that time, one coin you used will be returned. Returning is not infinite, but readers are happy with this system!

Audible StationThere are also member benefits such as using content that you can enjoy for free and purchasing additional books with 30% off.

"Audible" is also available for free trial

However, some people may find that the monthly fee of 1,500 yen is a little expensive …

For such people, "Audible"30-day free trialThere is! So, you can try out what it feels like for free.

Since you can get 1 coin even during the free trial, you can buy one book for free. That's a great deal!

At the end of the free period, you will be charged and you will be charged. Of course, it does not cost you money if you cancel before paying. Moreover, you can listen to books bought with coins even after canceling! Isn't the service too generous? [Lol]

If you want to try "Audible", please try the free trial.

"Audible" has a good reading quality

"Audible" is read by a professional narrator, so it's easy to hear and it's easy to hear. But it's not just professional narrators who are reading.

The voice actors, actors and actresses are also reading! For example, voice actress Park Rumi, Hanazawa Kana, actor Yu Shirota, and actress Yoko Maki will also read the book.

It's pretty fun for fans that their favorite voice actors and actors read the books! I might listen while my ears are happy [lol]

How to play audiobooks in Audible

After purchasing the book, play it from the downloaded app.

Select the book you want to read from the library and tap the title to start reading!

Since it has a table of contents function, it is very convenient to be able to jump to the place you want to hear immediately ♪

There is also a function that can change the audio playback speed, so adjust it if you want to read slowly or increase the speed a little more.

Automatically ends playback “Sleep timer"Or"BookmarkThere is also a function to put a bookmark in the middle of playback. It also has a button that allows you to jump forward and backward by 30 seconds, so it is very convenient!

Cancellation of "Audible"

If you want to stop the "Audible" plan, you can cancel at any time. It's okay to say, "I'm sorry! I was thinking of canceling this month, but I forgot!" It seems that if you contact the window, they will properly refund you. It's so kind, so don't panic!

One thing to note is that you cannot cancel from a smartphone app. Keep in mind that you need to switch to PC view and then cancel your contract.

Let's live a rich life with "Audible"

I am grateful that reading can be incorporated easily in a busy life. You can make effective use of your time, so you can spend your limited time meaningfully.

First of all, please try "Audible" for free and experience the actual usage. Listen to books and enjoy reading!

Amazon Audiobooks-Audible ・ Distributor: Audible, Inc.
・ DL price at the time of publication: Free
・ Category: Books
・ Capacity: 99.2 MB
・ Version: 3.25.1
* Capacity is maximum. It may become smaller depending on the model and other conditions.

© 2020. Audible, Inc


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