Automatic and unmanned mowing work on the airport premises–sense time, demonstration test with Nanki Shirahama Airport

Sense Time Japan and Nanki Shirahama Airport announced on June 3 that they will carry out a verification test to verify the effectiveness of automated mowing in the green area of ​​the airport.


The demonstration test utilizes the image recognition technology developed by SenseTime at Nanki Shirahama Airport operated by Nanki Shirahama Airport. The aim is to automate the grass cutting work on the airport premises and to make it unmanned.

Nanki Shirahama Airport aims to be an advanced airport that utilizes IoT to maintain and manage facilities, and this initiative is being promoted as part of that.

▽Weeding in the green area of ​​the airport can be carried out only after the end of the airport operation hours [when the aircraft is not departing/arriving], so the work is limited to the late night hours.

Therefore, securing workers and damage to airport facilities [such as signs and aviation lighting equipment] that occurred during nighttime work were major issues.

According to Nanki Shirahama Airport, the practical use of this approach will enable unmanned mowing without failing to collide with airport facilities, thus realizing efficient airport operations.

Sensetime also aims to develop a general-purpose image recognition technology optimized for applications that require regular mowing, and to provide it to the lawn industry and other mower manufacturers.

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