Automotive factory production stopped in Japan to expand the new Corona in the overseas parts reach also

The new coronavirus is the impact of the automotive industry and the manufacturers in the production of the stop faces. A worker such as to prevent infection of self-restraint is not limited to,from overseas parts are not received, such as emotional problems also seems to be happening.

【Here】New Corona car plant closures in Europe a spate of car market to greater impact

Honda in Saitama Prefecture’s Sayama plant in 4 month 16 days to 17 days, or temporarily production of the car to stop with. American and Canadian factory sales decline to receive, resume appointment is 4 months 7 days extend. But a virus infection, depending on the situation, the resumption of the appointment a further extension is also considered.

Business in which Nissan Motor and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation are also part of the production stop time is determined. Nissan 4 on from 5 on 1 day in Kanagawa, Oppama plant in 4 days,a luxury car production to the Tochigi plant in 14 days of stopping. A subsidiary of Nissan Motor Kyushu in 4 Months 2 days from the end of the month the night of the production stop has been decided. On the other hand Mitsubishi car,3 month 27 days of evening from 4 on 10 November, the light vehicle production, Kurashiki city, Okayama Prefecture’s Mizushima manufacturing facility in operation to stop.

Toyota 4 November 3, from series, Company of Hino Motors, including 5 factories and 7 line up to 9 days of operation suspension decisions. Mazda 2 Factory 3 on 28 September to 4 October 30 throughout the day production stopped going, but some of the dates in the daytime-only operation is also planned. Suzuki vehicle production, Shizuoka 牧之原 city and Kosai, Iwata and the bike production of Hamamatsu factories in 4 month from 1 to 3 days of production stop.

Domestic manufacturers in the automotive factory production stopped the flow of the spread, but many over a period of time and that a full stop is not part of the schedule for that. Worker safety is also considered domestic manufacturers, many of the factory suspension as the reason for overseas parts procurement from the prospects that do not stand up.

Possible automotive production to continue, but the parts can not reach the plant activity and not worry manufacturer’s. The new corona virus for 1 day in an early convergence, by automobile production to Lively is back to hope.

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