Available for less than 2 million yen│Limited to 200 units of Fiat 500 inspired by Mizuhiki

Fiat 500 [Fiat Cinquecento], which combines Japanese traditional "Mizuhiki" with Italian culture, has appeared. Named 500 Super Pop Japone, it will be sold in limited edition of 200 units from Saturday, February 15, 2020.

The "500 Super Pop Japone" is a limited edition car with the philosophy of "integrating Japan and Italy" and "connecting Fiat to customers". The special equipment sticker is based on the motif of "Mizuhiki", a celebration scene in Japan since ancient times, and decoration. The model name "Giappone" [Japone] means "Japan" in Italian.

The 500 features an adorable interior and exterior design that can be enjoyed from outside or inside the car. On the limited edition, a sticker with a tricolore-colored Mizuhiki consisting of white, red, and green is affixed to the front fender and instrument panel, which is one of the design points.

The body color and sales volume are set to three colors: Bossa Nova White [limited to 120], Pasodobre Red [limited to 40], and Mint Green [limited to 40]. Of these, the body color that is usually an optional color Is also offered at the same price for limited edition vehicles.

The limited edition "500 1.2 Pop" is equipped with a 1.2-liter engine with a START & STOP mechanism that stops the engine during idling, achieving low fuel consumption of 19.4km / liter [JC08 mode]. In addition, an Apple CarPlay / Android Auto compatible audio player [Uconnect®] equipped with a 7-inch touch panel monitor and keyless entry are provided as standard, so you can enjoy the drive comfortably.

The main unit price of the 500 Super Pop Japone is 1.89 million yen [including tax], and the price is an attractive one.

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