Axle Ochanomizu office building renovated from Toyota employee dormitory opens to the public-rooftop terrace also features

Towa Real Estate has an office in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo that is an exchange base for Toyota Group companies and venture companies.axle OchanomizuOn May 7th. Prior to that, the inside of the facility was opened to the media.

The building was originally used as a Toyota employee dormitory and company residence, and has six floors above ground and one floor below ground. Renovate and utilize buildings that are 50 years old or older. With the concept of creating a new industry for the next generation, the facility is equipped with a wide variety of offices, from large parcels where major companies, mainly the Toyota Group, live, to small parcels for venture companies.

AxAxle in the name of the facility is a word that means axle and mandrel. It is said that through encounters and exchanges, new ideas are born from this, and it aims to be a facility where the cycle of projects running one after another continues.

For residents and members, community managers can support exchanges among residents, mentors can provide advice on entrepreneurship and business growth, and consulting services can be provided to consultants through the consulting service window. It is said that support can be provided, such as providing a contact point with the customer as a window.

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