AXON THROWING's first landing in Japan is a new sensation of fun and a feeling of a boom / Taito-ku / REEAST ROOM

Darts, bowling, batting centers … There are many sports-related amusements that you can enjoy by moving your body, but the world is still wide. In recent years, throwing an ax and hitting it like that"AXE THROWING"It seems that this play is popular overseas.

Because there is also a facility in Tokyo where you can experience such flying games, I have been interviewing you! 《Ax Throwing Zhahaha!

・ A little scary?

Throwing a real ax … I thought it would only be allowed in the world of Mad Max, but it seems possible in modern Tokyo.

Amusement facility in Taito WardREEAST ROOM. "Theme park that can not be done" is a concept, "BREAK ROOM" that can be broken in the room with a metal bat, and "FREE ART WALL" that graffiti on the wall with fluorescent paint ] "Etc. are provided.

Among them, this is the first thing that attracts attention as Japan's first landing"AXE THROWING"It is. It seems to be popular in the United States and Canada, literally throwing an ax and hitting it. The play fee is from 2480 yen for 30 minutes.

Use a real ax! I feel a little scary … In any case, if you don't play it, you won't understand the fun. I decided to try it.

・ New fun

Go to the play booth. The target is similar to that of darts, with a score set for each hit. In other words, not just throwing an ax and playing, but competing for scoresGame funThere is also.

I tried playing, but this is unexpectedly difficult!斧 The ax turns and turns and turns, so if the timing is bad, the handle hits and falls down.

I asked if there was a trick to throw, but basically it seems that you have to get used to it. I also challenged several times and feel that the tips have been gradually understood.

In my words, this is a game of darts"Throw heavy things"Isn't this a mix of exhilarating feelings? In fact, if you stab it well, you will feel the low sound of suddenly.

-Knives and shurikens!

There are also options for Ax Throwing, and you can throw shurikens and knives for an additional fee.

It seems to be particularly exciting, the target balloon is divided by an ax“BULL CHALLENGE”It is. The play fee is 200 yen once. If you can break the balloons in one shot, you can get a free cocktail at the restaurant's food booth.

The regular price for cocktails is 690 yen, so if you get it well, you can say it's a good deal. The writer who is reluctant to drink cheaply tries to challenge.

A one-off game without craftsmanship. The result is …

Really super near pin! The staff was also laughing, saying, “It's rare for someone to make such a ridiculous removal…”. Why are you so weak?

Unfortunately, I didn't get a cocktail, but there was no doubt that this balloon breaks up. If you get used to the game, please try it!

Ax throwing with the potential to become a boom in Japan in the future. If you are not satisfied with normal play and you like new things, check it out. When playing, please follow the staff's instructions and play safely!

・ Store information introduced this time

Street addressTokyo Metropolitan area Taito-ku Komagata 1-2-13-1
time1F: 12: 00-22: 30 / B1F: 12: 00-21: 00 * Opens at 10:00 on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays


Report:Great Muromachi

Photo: RocketNews24.

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