Aya Kawasaki retired and broke up in the entertainment world "now refreshing"

Aya Kawasaki [29], a gravure idol with a waist of 52 centimeters and a waist of 52 centimeters, retired from the entertainment world at a wedding hall in Tokyo on the 14th. In the "retirement type", it appears in a custom-made wedding dress that is conscious of the constriction that squeezed the waist. The entertainment activity was concluded at a reception-style party in which about 150 fans selected by lottery participated.

Kawasaki concluded his five-year activity by saying, "Eight months after the announcement. It's been a while since time has passed so quickly. . When asked about marriage, he laughed, saying, "I don't have any plans for the next Olympics," and said, "I'm not thinking at all. I'm super neat from now on." He will update Twitter for a few days after retiring.

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