Ayami Nakajo: First attempt as a chef: Kanata Hongo and a love story that transcends space and time

Actress and model Ayami Nakajo and actor Kanata Hongo have appeared on the NHK / BS Premium feature drama “56 Years' Heartbreak”. A time travel love story where men and women living in the two eras of Tokyo in 2020 and Tokyo in 1964 meet across time and space. Nakajo plays a heroine, Saori Nakagawa, who slips from Tokyo in 2020 to Tokyo in 1964. Mr. Nakajo tried for the first time as a chef and said, "I have some uneasy feelings, but I will try to shoot while learning about the feelings and thoughts of people connected through food. Realizing the mysterious encounter that occurs in Saori I would like to play happily. "

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