Ayane Kinoshita is 20 years old. The ideal type is "gentle …"

Actress Ayane Kinoshita prayed for a 20-year-old leap in Tokyo in a garment full of lucky charm and Shochiku plum blossoms in Tokyo.

Kinoshita talked about a 20-year-old beautiful girl who turned into Akiko Wada [69] in the commercial of the smartphone game “Idle Girl”. “I'm excited.

Being 20 years old allows drinking. "I'm looking forward to drinking alcohol. I'd like to drink" aragashi mandarin orange. I like fruits, so I like fruits. "

Entered the entertainment world by winning a Grand Prix at the 15-year Holipro Scout Caravan. He has been studying Chinese since he appeared in a Chinese movie. "I'm studying on NHK radio. I work one hour a day. I want to study abroad in China. I want to be able to speak Chinese."

Also interested in love. "I would like to follow you if you like it. You should be kind, tall, and protect you."

The partner I want to play with is "Masaki Sugata. The role I want to play myself is "murderer. I want to play a role that I can't usually do." Aim to be an actress who plays widely.

Her longing is Erika Toda [31], and her future goal is to make a strong declaration, "I want to go out to the morning!" Immediately after, he invited a laugh, saying, "Oh, I'm okay with my protagonist's friends.

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