Ayuko Suzuki "Olympics are hopes. We will do our best to keep them in the light."

Tokyo Olympics [Olympics] Marathon Women's Japan national team Ayuko Suzuki [28 = Japan Post Group] responded to a joint online interview on the 7th, and said, "For the race to be held in Sapporo one year later, I want the Olympics. I want to do my best for the past year with the light in my mind."

In late January, flesh on the back of the right thigh developed. According to the coach, Masahiko Takahashi, the condition has improved, but now that he is concerned about other areas around the end of May, he is currently training carefully. For that reason, Suzuki said, "I was a little wondering if I was in the best condition if the production was today." He spoke openly and said, "I would like to positively recognize that I have a grace period, and I will do my utmost to set myself in the best condition a year later."

We are currently holding a training camp in Abashiri City, Hokkaido. According to Director Takahashi, he will continue to practice with a view to the all-Japan business team rival Women's Ekiden [Sendai] in November, which will continue to win. For Suzuki's third full marathon, he announced a policy to have him experience domestic races around February or March next year.

Suzuki has a theme of "beyond" toward the Tokyo Olympics. While saying, "There are times when it is mentally difficult to suffer due to coronal bruise and injuries." I'm doing it because I think it's time."

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