Ayumi Hamasaki mourns death of music staff who supported hearing loss

Singer Ayumi Hamasaki [41] continued his grief, revealing that his 21-year-old music staff had died last month.

Hamasaki updated Instagram on the 25th. He reported that he had performed a live rehearsal at Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, and said, “ Privately, the first stage since the song partner who has been together for 21 years at the beginning of last month has traveled to heaven today. I did. "

Artists who perform live at large venues need an ear monitor, but Hamasaki has almost lost the hearing of the left ear due to cochlear deafness, “ The special balance of the ear monitor he makes as a partner is a lifeline. It was. " The deceased staff seemed to be in charge of adjusting the ear monitor sound, saying, “ For a long time habit, he was not there to see the table again and again, but he talked again to the table As I repeated my attempts, I looked closely and noticed that there was a picture of him, and I was glad, glad, sad, and sad to want to meet. "

Thanks to the other staff members for saying, "Thank you for decorating the photos," thanks to the decoration of the deceased staff's remains, and said, "Let's create a sound that only we can make like us with the baton inherited from him. ".

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