Ayumu Saito wins for the first time … The Tokyo Olympics disappeared in modern five

Aiming for the 20th Tokyo Olympics [23 Olympics] with two modern swords and fencing style, Ayumi Saito [23 = Mynavi] won his first victory with 1350 points, but the Tokyo Olympics road has disappeared.

The 23-year-old who got the title of the All-Japan Queen, after the game, confided a complicated feeling with a smile saying “I am very happy to win”. “It may be unavoidable, but since we won all of Japan, there is a feeling that we want to be selected [for dispatch to the international tournament]. Since it is five modern types [except for equestrian], the fourth selection system is … Honestly, also equestrian I want you to put it in. "

This tournament was an important position to select the representatives of Japan who will participate in international competitions such as the World Cup, which also serves as the Tokyo Olympics selection meeting until the end of June next year. Based on the results so far, the dispatch of three players such as Natsumi Tomonaga [Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department] of the Rio 2016 Olympics has already been decided, and they competed for "1 remaining frame."

The Japan Association established a selection standard that gave the remaining one frame to the superiors of the fourth category [swimming, fencing, shooting & running] excluding equestrians. Equestrian horses were decided by lottery and were excluded from the selection due to luck at that time. Therefore, Kumiko Kuwana [Self-Defense Force], 2nd in 1331 points, defeated Saito by 1 point, excluding equestrians, and gained the remaining 1 frame leading to the Tokyo Olympics. According to the Japan Association officials, 1 point is the difference between 1 and 2 seconds in shooting and running.

Saito is the father of the 1988 Seoul Olympics and the 2012 London Olympics coach Hiroshi. “I want to become a world-class player and compete in the Olympics to surpass my father.” In junior high school, I belonged to the track and field club and started fencing in earnest at Eitaka Saitama. At Waseda University, he worked on five modern types while belonging to the fencing club. I became a member of society from this spring and devoted myself to the competition aiming for a dream stage. This summer, Kenya conducted high-altitude training [about 2400 meters above sea level] to strengthen the running problem. A 167-centimeter-sized athlete cried to “1 point”, and his participation in the Olympics at the modern five species was carried over to the 24th Paris Tournament.

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