Ayumu Uekusa "I can't lose while I'm there"

The 18th World Championship silver medalist Ayumu Uekusa [27 = JAL], aiming for the fifth consecutive victory of the tournament, won a 2-1 win over the newest Sawae Yuzuki [Teikyo Univ.] In the second round of the first round.

In the midst of intense battles from the beginning, both of them were unable to get valid points, but the remaining vegetation was one minute ahead of the remaining one minute 13 seconds. Then, one point was added at the middle stage. After the remaining 30 seconds, Sawae was returned to the middle with one point, and immediately before the end of the match, the preemption was canceled due to foul caution, but managed to escape.

The 19-year-old Sawae who played against him was a junior at Uekusa University. In June this year, the next generation Hope won the All-Japan Student Championship. The day before, Uekusa kept his face as a senior as he said, “I am the next player in my class but I will not lose while I am.”

The previous day, Sawae was enthusiastic about "I want to show that the lower generations are here". In the game, there was a lot of expression, saying, “I was able to have fun. I have no regrets.

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