Ayuru Yu divorce report Playing with the eldest daughter and PR video

Talent Airu Yu [33] announced on his Instagram that he was divorced from martial artist Taiga Kizaemon [30].

Abilu reports, “I'm going to report that Yu Abilu divorced Mr. Kiemon Saiga.” “On May 5, 2015, my girlfriend who gave me a healthy birth and hurt my stomach was over 4 years old and grew up healthy every day.” As a Yotsuha mom, I swear that I will nurture them with great care and love. "

In addition, Aberu has posted about Shiga on Instagram after submitting the divorce report on the 4th of this month. On the same day, he announced that Saiga opened a YouTube channel and promoted "Motoo", saying, "Please sign up for a channel where he seems to have started YouTube."

Taiga has custody, but Abil has posted a picture of working with the eldest daughter after divorce and playing with two people with photos.

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