B. Irish's latest movie “007” theme song first released

US singer Billy Irish [18], who won the 5th Grammy at this year's Grammy Awards, will be working on a theme song for the latest movie "007 / No Time to Die" on YouTube on the 14th. First published. The title of the song is "No Time to Die" like the movie, and it is a ballad that sings gently against the orchestra performance. He works on lyrics with his older brother, Phineas, and also includes English guitarist Johnny Maar.

Irish is the youngest ever to achieve five crowns that dominate the four major Grammy Awards, and covers the Beatles' “ Yesterday '' at the Academy Awards ceremony held on the 9th, showing off a stately performance Just became. Irish, who was the youngest in charge of the theme song for the "007" series, said, "It's a very honorable thing."

This is the 25th anniversary of Daniel Bond Craig's last play of James Bond, which will be released on April 10 in the United States. [Los Angeles = Kanako Chitose]

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