B1 Kawasaki Sasayama Ryusei "Waku Waku" New Uni Press Conference

Kawasaki Brave Sanders of the basketball B-league held a presentation announcement of the new uniform for the 20-21 season in Kawasaki city on the 30th. Ryusei Sasayama [32], captain of the vibrant Braedbread home version, said, "I'm excited to wear a uniform for the first time in a long time. I am grateful to the many sponsors. I just play well."

Naoya Kumagai [29], who joined last season and participated in the January all-stars, was in a uniform based on away white. Looking at the design of the lightning bolts on the side, player name, and uniform number, "We can become champions in Asia by becoming one with the Kawasaki people as if we were gathering together to make a big lightning bolt. I want to fight like that."

This time, the main sponsor of the uniform is decided to be the local company "Mitutoyo". The "TOSHIBA" logo disappears from the chest that has been displayed for a long time. Mr. Motozawa, president of DeNA, who inherited business from Toshiba two years ago, said, "I was supposed to be a uniform sponsor two years ago, but until the company was found, I left my heart behind and supported the club." .. Shinoyama also missed the "parting" with his favorite logo, saying, "I feel lonely, but I will remain a sponsor in the future."

The goal for this season is "two crowns" for the league and the Emperor's Cup. Last season, he ran alone in the Naka district, setting a new record for the club with 16 consecutive wins. The number of visitors is 128%, which is the highest growth rate in the league. In mid-March, the season was discontinued just before the first league title was seen, but President Motozawa said, "I'm sorry. I want to get the title in two years."

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