B1 Niigata won second consecutive streak this season

Niigata Albirex BB has won its second consecutive victory of the season since the match against Nagoya D in November last year. In the fourth quarter [Q], he was temporarily overtaken by two points, but he did not allow a lead at all.

Niigata took the initiative in the first quarter with SG Keita [30] scoring two three-pointers in the first quarter, and in the second quarter, PF Nick Perkins [23] scored two consecutive goals and 46-34 just before the end. Turned back by 12 points. In the third quarter, PG Igarashi Kei [39] continued his momentum with eight consecutive goals in one minute and ten seconds starting with two consecutive three-pointers and a Perkins layup.

In the fourth quarter, Sanen Neo Phoenix's specially designated player, Fukuoka Daiichi High School's PG Yuki Kawamura [18], scored a three-pointer and was forced to 79-77, but then PF Exevia Gibson [31] He pushed back with four consecutive points. He scored more than 80 points for the first time in nine games since the Battle of Mikawa [91 ● 92] last December.

Mien and Kawamura scored 24 points, surpassing 21 points in the previous Chiba match.

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