B1 President Koi Niigata mentions reinforcements, “Negotiating stage”

B1 Niigata Albirex BB's president, Manabu Ogura [46], mentioned the reinforcements after losing to Toyama on the 11th and losing five consecutive losses. Touching on the acquisition of a third foreign player, he said, “Now we are negotiating. We have multiple lists. We want to reinforce this year.”

Niigata's foreign nationals are PF Lamont Hamilton [35] and PF Nick Perkins [23]. Only Niigata has less than 3 foreign players in B1. Both Hamilton and Perkins are unable to hide their fatigue due to the almost full time. As a result, the pattern of stalling in the second half is conspicuous while competing in the first half in five consecutive losses.

President Kominato said, “There are many games that can't make waves. I want to get players who can score in important places and players who can play all-round.”

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