B3 Saitama is a designer contract with the player, the owner is that person

A basketball team owned by a former professional baseball team president has re-signed a unique contract with four players.

Saitama Broncos of Basketball League B3 announced on the 2nd that they signed a contract with Morgan Hikaru Aiken [25] for next season as a player and assistant designer on the 1st. Morgan, a point guard, uses his experience working on apparel brands, and has plans to design T-shirts for team goods in the future. Through the team, he said, "I'm training well. I want to give my experience back to the team even in the area of ​​design."

The role as an information sender is also expected, and he will be responsible for directing the team's official SNS account. On the court, you can decide the dunk shot with a superb jumping power while being small with a height of 175 cm.

Ryo Tanaka, who was the captain of the season, signed the captain and academy coach, and the young Rikiya Yamaguchi and Haruyoshi Yoshikawa contracted as a player and assistant coach of the academy.

In March of this year, Jun Ikeda, the first president of professional baseball DeNA, became the owner and director of Saitama. The owner said, “Uncertainty about the future with Corona, the importance of getting the players to understand the management strategy has increased. Understanding the “two-legged warajie” and carrying the future Broncos We were able to contract only with the players who might give us."

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