Badminton is "thank you" for Kento Momota

Kento Momota [25 = NTT East Japan] of badminton men's singles did an insta-live of management company "UDN SPORTS" on the 5th and answered questions from viewers. Questions and answers about badminton are as follows.


-The emergency situation was extended yesterday.

Momoda: I wish I could communicate with the children in various ways if my current state calms down. It's important to stay at home, and I hope everyone can put up with me and call on me again.

-The reason why I decided to do an Instagram live.

Momoda: I think everyone is living a cramped life, and I have a lot of stress that I can't go out so I want to share the same time.

-I want to expand the coverage of the coat. Recommended practice method.

Momoda Move in the court without hitting the shuttle. It's a simple practice, but it's very important. If you move assuming the opponent you want to win, it becomes a practice of covering that is more like a real battle. When I do it, I assume that I am the other person.

-To increase smash speed.

Momoda: Some people shake the ball strongly when hitting a strong ball, but only focus on the moment the shuttle hits. I make mistakes when I want to make a decision quickly. Always from weakness to full power.

-Are you nervous?

Momoda: I'm really nervous. Sometimes I feel like I'm about to vomit.

-2 sets run out of power and lose physical strength. What should I do when the game allocation does not go well?

Momoda: Even if you win the first game, you lose if you get the second or third game. Just practice to continue the quality of the first game. Practice does not lie.

-You are depressed because you are out of middle body. How to stay motivated.

Momoda: If you've been working hard on your goals every day, that time isn't wasted. Not only badminton, there are also things that are accumulated as people. I'll connect you in the future, so I want you to do your best in case you become a high school student. I don't have any matches, but I'm motivated to master badminton. I think it will be fun if you can feel it.

-Momota does not know where to hit in the same position. How to do that.

Momoda: How conscious is the basic strike? At the moment of hitting, I will hit it in the middle of the racket and pay attention to the net. I watch various people's games, study, and practice when I want to do it.

-How to improve jumping smash.

Momoda: Can you fly firmly in time with the shuttle's falling timing? It is important to enter the drop point with enough time. If you are cramped, you will fail. Footwork is also important.

-What is badminton for Momota?

Momoda: I can only play badminton, and I express myself to those who support me. Play to thank you.

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