Bakuan store “La Mu” bread is very similar to “Costco Dinner Roll”! Results of comparing cost performance and taste → Goose bumps in the scariness of La Mu …

Cheap and too cheap … Bakuan store "La Mu" is famous for its 198 yen lunch. The other day, I made a "senbero set" by combining La Mu specialty products and purchased it.Explosion at risk of being too cheapWhat I did wasarticleAs I told you.

Such La Mu is also cheap bread. D-bread series made in our own factory is very popular and cheap. Bread is packed in a large amount in a large plastic bag at a very low price! Isn't this like Costco bread? ButLa Mu is cheaper!

・ La Mu's bread is cheaper than Costco

"Hotel breakfast rolls" sold at La Mu contains 30 pieces. Both the package and the shape of the bread seem to be a bit like Costco's "dinner roll." However, the price is 424 yen [excluding tax] for 36 Costcos, while La Mu is 298 yen.

In other words, Costco bread is 11.8 yen per piece, La Mupin isOne 9.9 yenThat means. La Mupin, the price per piece is less than 10 yen!安 It is cheap to think that it is no longer a wholesale price.

・ What is the taste?

Certainly the price per bread is cheaper for La Mu, but it is only a few yen. After all the last deciding factor will be taste. So I want to tell you what you compared when you ate. To be honest,almost the same!".

The only difference is that Costcopan has a light texture, while La Mupin is slightly heavier and sweeter. If you dare to make a difference. Both were almost equally delicious breads.

-Again, La Mu is amazing

Looking at bread alone, La Mupin is certainly cheaper per piece, but the difference is only a few yen. The taste isn't a definitive difference either, so it may not be overwhelmingly "la mu SUGEEEEEEE!"

But La Mu said,This price is realized even though it is not a membership system". If La MuYou can always buy bread of this price with this taste without annual feeWhat? Isn't that amazing?と Think of it as a goosebump. La Mu, a terrible child! I felt the power of La Mu again on my skin.

Report:Sawai Meg

Photo: Rocketnews24.

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