Bang Nam, SHOWROOM's live distribution of Imus Miki Hoshii's character-total audience reaches 100,000

Bandai Namco Entertainment is a live video streaming platform operated by SHOWROOM on July 11th.SHOWROOMIn, "Idol Master"Miki Hoshii, who belongs to the 765 production group that appears in the series, will be given a special live delivery. It was announced in a 30-minute special delivery that the total number of viewers was about 100,000.

Miki Hoshii

Miki Hoshii

This delivery utilizes Bandai NAMCO Studio's real-time motion capture technology "BanaCAST," and the first live delivery by characters in the Idol Master series. The idol performance of the encore performance at the holographic live event "THE IDOLM@STER MR ST@GE!! MUSIC♪ GROOVE☆" was canceled due to the influence of the new coronavirus. It became a special delivery of.

 Before the start, more than 35,000 people have been waiting for distribution, and “Miki Hoshii” has become a trend on Twitter. Even before the performance, gifts of "Onigiri" and "Ichigo Bavaroa" limited to this distribution were gifted, and this time the producer's original avatar was also sold, giving a new sense of unity with the support style unique to SHOWROOM distribution I was there.

When Miki appeared in the MR ST@GE!! stage costume, the viewers commented “Cute!” and “I look good!” and said, “Miki thinks so hard and distributes the video that is popular right now. Then everyone can see it!"

During delivery

During delivery

 At the chatting corner, the delivery name that I thought was "I think it's not really cute … how to say live delivery." I decided to "Afu TV" from among them. Also, Miki seems to have eaten “Mentaita Cheese Doria Onigiri” before distribution, and enjoyed listening to and listening to the favorite “rice ball ingredients” with the title “Onigiri Talk”.

 At the end of the distribution, “Day of the future” was shown live. When the song was arranged and sung, "Producer" [*a fan of the Idol Master series] exclaimed, "Thank you for the live song!" "I can't see in front of my eyes." "It was a pity that I couldn't do the main performance, but I was very happy to be able to deliver this. Thank you! Let's do our best, everyone!"

▽Although I announced that this distribution was not planned to be archived at the beginning, I am considering archiving it because it was popular. Details will be announced at a later date.

[C] Toshiyuki Kubooka [C] BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

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