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Bare skin looks beautiful! "Diem Krule Color Blend Foundation" approaches colorful secrets

Why did you make the foundation colorful! ?

A colorful foundation with four colors in a marble shape“ Dm Kurle Color Blend Foundation ''. It is a talented group that has won numerous Best Cosmetic Awards, and it is a brand sign product, but why did you make it colorful?下地 This time, while approaching the secret of the color, the base material that goes well with the foundation“ Dm Kruor Primer L ''I checked the finish that I used together with!

Pay attention to the colorful foundation of POLA! Approaching the marble-like mechanism of Diem Krule

Pola CorporationIs a base makeup brand for women who are positive and sensitive. The concept is "to live in the heart more and more happily by touching colors". We propose a make-up item called "Beautiful skin itself".

Appeared from such Diem Kruul"Dem Kruor Color Blend Foundation" (SPF23 PA +++, 4 colors, 8g, suggested retail price 5,830 yen including tax, on sale)Is a brand sign product and a brand debut item. A standard item that has won numerous Best Cosmetic Awards, and is the industry's first color-blend foundation that makes your skin look beautiful.

Paula discovered that beautiful bare skin is not a uniform single color, but a combination of multiple colors to create a three-dimensional appearance and depth, which is the condition that makes bare skin look beautiful. By applying the color effects used in "dot drawing" of paintings, a marble-like "color blend trick design" was created.

If you mix ordinary paint, the more it mixes, the more it looks turbid and dark. However, dot painting is a technique of arranging small dots without mixing colors, so colors can be expressed without turbidity.

Another point is that the combination of the forward color that appears to protrude forward and the receding color that appears concave behind. The “color stereoscopic effect” creates a sense of depth.

It is said that colorful powder consisting of four colors, pink and yellow, and green and blue receding, is applied to the skin like a dot painting, giving the skin a distinctive depth and transparency. There are four kinds of color variations, and you can choose according to each skin color. By the way, the standard color is N3 this time.

And a makeup base that enhances the finish of the color blend foundation and maintains skin with a sense of transparency and depth,"DM Kruler Primer L" (SPF37 PA +++, all 1 type, 25g, suggested retail price 5,500 yen including tax, on sale). With its unique light diffusion effect, it evens out unevenness and color unevenness on the skin, giving it a natural luster.

A combination of four colors creates beautiful adult skin

Try the color blend foundation right away!

A colorful and cute foundation in which the four colors of pink, yellow, green, and blue are marbled. The tension rises just by watching. The powder is very light and crisp.

In addition, this time, I also used the recommended base material of the same brand, “Dm Kruor Primer L”.

One large pearl is an estimate of the amount used. The texture is fresh and soft creamy.

Pola original beauty ingredients (moisturizing ingredients) for good growth.

It gave moisture and luster to the skin. Although the cover power is not so great, the dullness and unevenness of color are corrected beautifully in the pink tone.

Next, let's put on a color blend foundation.

Gently slide the puff sponge surface about 1/3 vertically.

Confirm that the puff has been colored iridescent.

If left on the cheeks, the cheeks will also have a slight rainbow color.

From the wide part of the face, such as the cheeks, the rainbow is lightly stretched outward.

If the rainbow color changes to flesh color, it is proof that it was painted neatly. A signature that mixes the four colors well. It's strange because the colorful colors fit well on the skin.

Feel high transparency compared to the standard one-color foundation!

The color was soft and natural. There is no thick coating at all, and the skin looks naturally beautiful. It was good that the fresh finish lasted for a long time due to the effect of the groundwork.

Use the brushed surface of the puff if you have a glossy part. Finish by brushing lightly in a brushed surface.

The overall finish is matte, but with a slight gloss.

If you use a monochromatic foundation, the skin color itself will be uniform, but many people have felt that it became somewhat thicker and more relaxed?

The "Diem Kleur Color Blend Foundation" creates natural clarity and depth by applying colorful colors to the skin.

It can be said that it is a foundation that raises the transparency while leaving the good skin.

Products can be purchased from Polar shops nationwide and official online shops.

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