"Basic" iPhone 373 New feature of iOS 13-"File" that allows you to work without a computer

One of the apps that have improved usability on iOS 13 is “File”. The range of documents that can be handled completely without using a PC has been greatly expanded, including support for new downloads, e-mail attachments, and external drive reading and writing.

Supports local storage / external storage

The “File” app was born as an app that connects to iCloud drives and other cloud storages to manage and view documents. iOS 13 includes a number of improvements that make external interaction more flexible. One of them is that you can now access your iPhone's local storage and external storage.

  • You can use local storage “in this iPhone”. Documents can be viewed and saved without communication

  • It also supports external storage such as card readers and SSDs. Just connect to Lightning and it will be recognized and you can import / export

  • "Column display" installed in iPadOS cannot be used in iOS, but you can see the preview and metadata by long-pressing the document → "Information"

Save "Download" from Safari, ZIP is OK

The file download operation from Safari, which was difficult to handle on iPhone so far, has been greatly improved. Safari now has a "Download Manager" function that can be saved directly in "Files". Downloading from file transfer services and obtaining handouts and materials can be handled with just the iPhone.

  • Tap the link of the document etc. in Safari. You can check the progress and history in the download manager → The downloaded document is saved in the "iCloud Drive → Download" folder of "File"

  • Added support for ZIP compression / decompression. Defrosting is just a tap away. For compression, select “Select” in the upper right, select a folder or document, tap “…” in the lower right, then select “Compress”

Attach files to emails and save received files

E-mail attachments are now easier to handle. When attaching, open the "File" application from the mail creation screen, you can select a document.

  • Tap “Attach Document” on the mail composition screen → When “File” opens, select the document you want to attach. Switch between “Recent Documents” and regular “Files” view at the bottom tab

  • You can also attach it by long-pressing the document on the "File" application and "Paste" on the "Copy" → Email creation screen

Attached files of received emails can also be saved in "File".

  • Tap the attached file on the email to download → Long press to “Share”

  • "Save to file" → Select the save destination and tap "Save"

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