Basketball B league all remaining games canceled "It's bad day by day"

The Basketball B-League met an extraordinary board meeting in Tokyo on the 27th, deciding to stop all league and postseason games for the rest of the season.

Masaaki Okawa, chairman [61], gave a live interview and said, "I have a lot of problems playing the spectator game and decided to postpone the league match on the 17th, but the situation is getting worse day by day. The main reason is that the physical and mental health of the athletes and coaches. I can't put the athlete at risk. "

He said that he had exchanged opinions twice with the athlete association, "I decided this when I thought I could play if my athlete was my child." There was an opinion from the athlete meeting that “ I'm good, but I want players on this line to have a chance to play so I want to continue the game '', but “ In a situation where Tokyo may lock down, holding It wasn't good, but we thought we could extend it until August, but that's not appropriate given the team's finances and player contracts. "

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