Basketball girl Saki Hayashi decides to go to the Olympics

Japan Women's Basketball National Team, who participated in the Tokyo Olympics final qualifying round, returned from Belgium to Narita Airport on the 11th.

Japan, ranked 10th in the world ranking, which has the right to qualify for the host country, lost his team from the score source Miyazawa with knee pain, and after entering the field, captain Takada developed back pain. Despite the lack of multiple players, he struggled with Canada, ranked 4th in the world ranking, and Belgium, ranked 9th with local support. Despite losing one win and two losses, Coach Hobas emphasized the response: "I was able to try a variety of players and small lineups."

One of the crops that the commander cited was the awakening of Saki Hayashi [24 = JX-ENEOS]. The first match against Sweden ended without a goal, but he was very active in the following match against Belgium. The team scored the most 24 points in the middle of the race for about 20 minutes. At the end of the inferior game, he decided to make three shots in a row and create another situation until the big reversal. "I thought I would hit the ball once I caught it. I remember each shot. I hit my feet [was tired], but I struggled hard."

In the match against Canada the following day, the team responded to the starter and again scored 21 goals for the team. On the morning of the match, Hobas said he was told the starter with a "feeling under pressure" rather than a soft tone, but he was excited to say, "Let's do it now." In the third year of joining the team, which has a strong player base, they have been given no play for the first time, but have been given a playtime of about 36 minutes, which has been the driving force behind the battle against a strong enemy Canada.

With the remaining 0.3 seconds remaining in the match pursuing two points, the three-pointer he shot in the last one-play aimed at reversing said, "The moment I hit, I felt out of place." Looking back with disappointment, "I had a good experience spinning the ball in that kind of scene. I think it will be next." Behind your eyes is the goal ring of the Tokyo Olympics.

Despite being defeated in both games, they were evaluated for their two games and were selected as one of the best five players in the group with Tokashiki. Hayashi set in a commemorative photo while surrounded by WNBA players of the Women's Supreme Pro League. "I don't want to go to the Olympics, I have to do it. Through the tournament, I changed my mind." I was confident in my words and expressions.

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