BCG vaccination of the new control to have any effect? (2-1) circumstantial evidence is”bingo”yet!?

The new coronavirus by a number of deaths population 100 million the when converted,would look like this [worldometer survey by Greenwich Mean Time 4 on May 8 at 2: 48 minute update of the information, the same hereinafter]. Spain 300 people, Italy is 283 people, the Netherlands 123 people, UK 91 people, Sweden 59 people, Iran 46 people,America 39 people for Poland, 3 people, Japan is 0. 7 person’s. This figure surprised by such a gap that there is,attracting the attention of the world.

【Here】BCG vaccine is a new type of corona virus to active? 【Office the global economic・financial scenario analysis meeting

In General the number of infections is noteworthy that in Japan the number of those infected has its own philosophy based on order,a simple comparison is meaningless that is known. This“against infection by the number of deaths”is the most universal of standards, comparison is possible only number.

Currently, it is a strong causal relationship has been the focus of attention of the BCG vaccination only. BCG and for others is non-toxic cow generated from the Mycobacterium tuberculosis vaccination can,in the body against TB antibody to form a live vaccine that. Expression change, the toxicity of no in Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection as a genuine M. tuberculosis can counter the immunity to have vaccinations so, intrinsically the new corona virus is totally irrelevant.

The BCG vaccine was originally expected of tuberculosis preventive effect, as well as off-target effects, called side effects and recognized. Bladder cancer[superficial of carcinoma in situ]of the standard treatment performed as BCG intravesical therapy is a health insurance that is adapted. The standard treatment is the evidence[proof・evidence]that can be recognized as the best treatment this is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. On the other, asthma and parasites the most effective and chanted some researchers seems.

The drug of unexpected effects,generally negative”side effects”are expressed as new. BCG with respect to the local inflammation and fever and for minor cases, from the lymphadenitis and osteomyelitis, tuberculous ulcers and severe side effects reported cases of your.

The immediate side effects of large-and receive a BCG vaccination to challenge the”anti-vaccine movement”is deployed came in Europe, BCG vaccination abolished in many countries. Mentioned above among the countries, Portugal is the BCG recommends that the country of Spain, Italy, Sweden, Germany BCG vaccine mandates have been withdrawn from.

In addition, America is in the past, BCG vaccine is compulsory in this country because the death toll of the trends with great interest.

At the present time the BCG vaccine and the new coronavirus deaths of causality, the scientific backing is not. However, borders Portugal [dead 345 people] and Spain [1 million 4,045 people] the death toll in the order of magnitude of difference there, as well as Ireland [210 people] and the UK[6,159 people], Norway[89 people] and Swedish[591 people], Poland [129 people] and Germany [2,016 people] Like,adjacent to the geopolitical difference is not observed among the Nations, lost to number of lives, there is a huge difference is the fact that you. [Article: 矢牧 滋夫・The article list to look at]

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