BCG vaccination of the new control to have any effect? (2-2) causality’ll leave it to you to see if you can figure it?

In Japan in 1949 BCG vaccination is mandatory in 1951, the overall vaccination has been performed. Chronic disease and seniors with the new corona virus at the expense of many cases it has been reported that,70 years of age and older to BCG vaccination has not been performed and point to it.

【Previous】BCG vaccination of the new control to have any effect? (2-1) circumstantial evidence is”bingo”yet!?

Of course, the elderly are the new coronavirus of suffering and the progression of cases is often the reason, the loss of physical strength, such as specific conditions that are intertwined for causation when there is fast-acting not is irrelevant, but I can certain.

Australia and the Netherlands, the medical staff, subject to, and BCG vaccination of new coronavirus infection of the of severe and of related to verify, clinical trials have been initiated yet. Treatment for all medical staff,the new corona virus as the treatment site to leave many examples reported, the medical decay of the concern is realism tinged with the status quo, given that infection is a little reduced, we were directly telling the topic.

However, the BCG vaccine to infants with severe tuberculosis of suffering that prevent a clear purpose, there is a 1 years of age from under 5 years of age during the vaccination can be used. 5 years of age or above for effectiveness is confirmed not more than,adults health care professionals for effectiveness in any form to verify whether the problem is with that.

Also, the BCG vaccine is a new type of corona virus”works”with the recognition alone walk, started vaccination to the desired aged appearance to the situation has also been reported that the BCG vaccine infants to vaccination for the purpose planned production for the absolute amount is limited,and the diversion that it is not.

Of the Japanese society for Vaccinology, even 4 on 3 November announced on”the view”,”the new coronavirus to the validity of,denied, but affirmation could not”that,”the primary targets are infants, the elderly to vaccination is not assumed that”,”infant to the stable supply of inhibit the not”their, virtually diverted deny.

Now the world is a major concern of BCG vaccination of the new corona virus infection inhibitory effect of the absence to verify also,there are great difficulties. The new corona virus infection is expanding, and the morbidity rate per 1,000 for 2 people and only a few, because of the prevalence of the statistically valid number for the subject up to a huge number are expected to for.

National Institute of may be replaced by any cut is difficult. The WHO class of the international organizations is a common”mystery”to unravel some of the enthusiasm is a must,difficult to implement it.

Even so, it is a new coronavirus deaths population 100 million per 0. 7 people in Japan, the world is a marvel in the eyes looking at you. (Article: 矢牧 滋夫・The article list to look at)

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