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BD multi with a thin and high-class design! Pioneer to Windows / Mac portable BD / DVD / CD writer "BDR-XS07JL"


Pioneer will release the "BDR-XS07JL" portable BD / DVD / CD writer for Windows / Mac with a thin and textured silver body that uses a slot loading method that allows the disc to be inserted and removed smoothly.

This product can import and play CD songs directly to an Android device without going through a PC, as well as music on PCs such as “ PureRead4 + '' that plays original sound with CDs that have become difficult to read due to scratches and dirt. Equipped with unique functions for enjoying images. In addition, it is equipped with a USB-3.1 Gen1-compatible Type-C connector, and supports recording and playback to the optical media for archiving “M-DISC”, which is highly durable and allows long-term data storage. It can also be connected wirelessly to a PC / mobile device in combination with the wireless dock “APS-WF01J-2”

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