Beautiful illustrator belonging to Zeroichi Familia, Seina Takeuchi & Momo Tsukino "I was looking forward to seeing each other"

Tsukino Momoto and Hoshi Takeuchi are also active as illustrators among the talents belonging to the entertainment agency Zeroichi Familia, also known as the strongest beauty corps. What is the road to becoming two illustrators who actively reduced the distance, saying, "I want to get along!"

──How did the two people start working as illustrators?

Tsukino: I had been drawing for a long time as a hobby, but a “four-frame crime prevention manga” that I drew since I started performing arts was posted on the Kanagawa Prefectural Police website. In response to this, he was appointed by the Kanagawa Prefectural Police Headquarters as an “Information Dissemination Ambassador” and received a letter of appreciation. I wonder if I could become a real illustrator instead of myself (laughs).

Takeuchi: I personally drew a picture diary about my sister of Bangya and published it on Twitter, and at a stretch I had about 20,000 followers. Then the story of book-making came and I started drawing manga as a job. And I'm also drawing band goods illustrations.

教 え Please tell me how they met.

Takeuchi: The first time I met was a photo session. At that time, I just entered the office and didn't talk much, but I changed LINE. After that he invited me privately.

Tsukino: If I wanted to get along, I would actively invite me. I'm a senior at Zeroichi Familia, but I'm a junior at the picture, so I wanted to teach me a lot.

か Did you suddenly get nervous with your senior at the office?

Takeuchi: I didn't give out an aura that made me nervous, so I was able to get along from the beginning and taught me how to draw!

Tsukino: At the coffee shop, they both opened their PCs and asked me how to do this (laughs). Until now, I had no friends around to draw, so this was an opportunity.

Takeuchi: After talking at a coffee shop, I went to eat gohan and soon became friends.

ま し た Did you find it helpful in drawing the picture?

Tsukino: I really studied! He even gave me a book on how to paint.

Takeuchi: Unlike drawing with a pen or pencil, drawing with a computer has too many functions and is difficult to use. I use only about 40% of the functions, so we talked about the functions we use.

Tsukino: I used only about 10% (laughs).

How is your first impression?

Takeuchi: I thought he was a kid. When he was nice, he said, "Wow! I'm Hoshina. I wanted to see you."

Tsukino: I heard that an illustrator's child was coming in, so I was looking forward to seeing him.

Takeuchi: Before I met, I had some exchanges with SNS, so I was looking forward to it.

Tsukino: My first impression was that I was a more fluffy child, but I was really excited and crisp, so from the first meeting I thought, "I'm the type I like!" I'm lonely because I'm just busy and can't easily meet.

Takeuchi: I want you to be invited anytime!か ら I was really looking forward to meeting you after a long time today. This time we both love anime, so let's go to Ikebukuro!
星 Hoshina Takeuchi (Takeuchi / Seina)
Born on February 27, 1994, from Hyogo Prefecture. A type. 155 cm / B75, W58, H80. Hobbies: draw pictures. Watch anime. Entertainment activity started in June 2019. He also publishes books and holds solo exhibitions as an illustrator. He has written a book entitled "Elementary School Sister is Bangya" (Micro Magazine ☆ Comics).

▽ Tsukino peach (Tsukino peach)
Born on August 19, 1997, from Chiba Prefecture. AB type. 160 cm / B78 / W60 / H84. Hobbies: reading manga, games. Special skills: drawing, judo. Started performing arts activities in September 2018. He also works as an actress, acting as a model and talent and performing on stage.

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