Beautiful turn flow! -One that has reached the completion area, sticking to the L type | Nissan Skyline HT 2000 GT-X Vol.3

This vehicle was created by Star Road, which has a proven record in restore and tuning of Hakosuka and S30Z.

Miyagawa-san is a long-time friend of the company, Masatsugu Inoue, and he has been able to entrust all of his car to Inoue-san, who has a wealth of know-how. And even now, it is based on the engine of special parts Tenko prime stocked on Star Road, and it seems that it has been reworked by further modifying while using the parts already installed.

KEN Kenmeri who has undergone such evolution and has already reached the stage of completion. However, Mr. Miyagawa, who has been addicted to tuning "drugs", will continue to aim for higher levels with the tripod with Starlord.

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The power of the rage and the high level of ingenuity should make everyone excited and admire.

The exhaust manifold is equipped with Kameari's all stainless steel φ48 mm equal length type. You can understand the polite work of Star Road even if you look at how to wrap the bandage. In addition, a heat plate is installed and measures against heat are taken perfectly.

The cab has main 260, air 210, and pilot 75 settings. Basically this is OK all year long, but in some cases only the pilot will be replaced.

Star Road original aluminum 3-layer radiator and aluminum shroud. Cooling performance as well as good appearance.

The oil catch tank is Star Road original. It is a large-capacity type of 2L, and the quality of the main body that has been mirror-finished is also high.

The throttle link uses a pillow ball type to suppress unnecessary play.

Nostalgic SPEED vol.003 March 2014 issue [All content in this article is as at the time of publication]
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