Beauty salons supplier bankruptcies, record leave of absence request of the subject included in the first cooperation, the money received from

The new corona virus infectious diseases for the Leave Request, etc., the legal basis of the new influenza, etc. special measures based on the law. This act with an emergency Declaration under the requirements and instructions of the authority to the Governor there. However, the actual Declaration is issued when 小池東 the Governor of Kyoto in the country Nishimura Minister of state and of the result of the adjustment,the Barber asked of the were excluded.

This is the Barber shop is closed, as compensation for the cooperation of the gold of benefits subject to the legal grounds for the lose and say. Barber is past the more difficult business environment had been placed to go out voluntarily requested that the environment, the number of visitors plummeted visibly, and it is hence the major issues way.

On the 19th The Empire data Bank the”Barber industry”and”beauty business”in the fiscal year 2009~fiscal 2019 of the bankruptcy(debt 1000 million yen or more of the legal analysis)about the analytical report is made public. According to the report,in 2019, the”Barber industry”and”beauty industry”of the number of bankruptcies is 180 reviews, year-on-year 9. Increase of 1%, and 2 years compared to the previous year, an increase to a record to update.

Total liabilities 58 million 6600 million yen compared with the previous fiscal year 34. 0%of the increase in liabilities of 10 million yen or more a large bankruptcy had never occurred for 2 consecutive years compared to the previous year increased by the severe management environment continued. Liabilities and the different scale, the”5000 million yen less than”the bankruptcy of 157 in Mom-and-pop shops with mainly a small bankruptcy is 9 percent and accounted for.

Ministry of Health, Labour and welfare according to data from the nationwide beauty salons city is about 37 million facilities exist, store the excess in the state,hence the competition is also intensifying on the rent・a-personnel costs and other fixed costs burden and advertising costs and added revenue to the pressure of the situation seems.

Other industries have closed and sales continue in stores are spread of the preventive measures to ensure that things go of the self-restraint of the spread by the number of visitors itself and average customer spend is reduced, and further visit of the cycle prolonged it is anticipated that it will be the continuation of the business itself is difficult and the bankruptcy potential to increase.

The Ministry of internal Affairs and communications Household Survey 1-3 months, according to a new Corona and influence of beauty in the expenditure total from the same period last year, and depressed. Go out self-restraint against the background of sluggish consumption continuing, it is open to forego all of the stores closed or out of business choose the business that mom-and-pop shops focusing on upcoming growing trend no doubt. By the government, that adequate remedies have. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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