Because it is a bespoke section! McLaren GT with the image of lush plants released

McLaren has unveiled the GT Verdant, which was worked on by the bespoke division MSO.

The one that was released this time has a unique paint that is different from the previous color finished by MSO. Satin finish, beautiful colors with three colors [Horsell Green, Arbor Green, Steppe Green] like gradation. All of these colors are special made for this GT. "Verdant" means something like "vegetable and lush" or "green as shiny lawn". It will take more than 430 hours to complete the paint.

Napier green pinstripes are also hand-painted to add accents. The brake calipers also have a napier green and bright impression. MSO black packs turn wheels and exhaust chips black.

For the interior, cashmere materials are used. According to McLaren, it is the first cashmere supercar. Here, too, it is finished in a high-quality space with various shades of green, and the piping of the seat is a casual accent of Loren Green.

Even if you don't want the custom so far, the MSO can of course do a more relaxed custom. If you purchase a $ 15,000 GT luggage set, you will have perfect coordination.

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