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Become the master of the sumo room and train wrestlers! Tokuma Shoten launches Beat Takeshi's first original smartphone game app "Beat Takeshi's Comedy KGB ~ THEGAME ~"


Tokuma Shoten Co., Ltd. has launched Takeshi's first original smartphone game app, "Beat Takeshi's Comedy KGB-THE GAME-", linked with the popular corner "New Yotsuna" of Beat Takeshi's online magazine "Beat Takeshi's Comedy KGB". Kazato and Five Creation jointly produced and started distribution.

■ The main is a sumo training game

The main feature of "Beat Takeshi's Comedy KGB-THE @ GAME-" is Beat Takeshi Responsibility Editing Net Magazine "Oh Comedy KGB". game. Players become masters of the sumo wrestling room, purchase these materials at points earned in mini-games such as "Pola Flying" and "Pula Decay", and train the wrestlers who have entered.

The wrestlers fight the enemy wrestlers in the real battle in the sumo dungeon, and if they win, the sumo gods will give 48 comedy KGB secret techniques. Make full use of secret techniques in sumo dungeon and raise the room level.

There are many events that are held regularly. The winning tournament, which is scheduled to be held every week, is planning to present wonderful prizes according to the performance of the wrestlers in the room.

■ "Comedy KGB -THE GAME-" Overview
Service name: "Comedy KGB -THE GAME-"
Supported devices: Android4.1 or later / iOS9.0 or later
Price: Free (some items are charged)
Service launch: February 28, 2020
Management : Kyoto Tomato

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