Began training in the Karate Olympics promising “Ryo Kitomo” “shape different from last year”

On the 7th day of training, Naoto Ryoho Kita, a karate male figure whose decisive entry into the Tokyo Olympics, revealed his practice at the dojo in Naha City, where he was based.

Yoshitomo has been practicing throughout the year-end and New Year holidays. At the beginning of the milestone lesson, they performed Ryukyu dance, a traditional performing art of Okinawa, with a fan. He learned how to use his feet and how to put his strength into it, and has been using it since last month to improve his expressiveness. "Even though the movements are soft, there is dynamicity. I want to connect that to karate." After that, he worked for about an hour and a half, demonstrating the form used in the game.

With less than 200 days remaining until the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, "I feel that I am approaching. I think it will be fast from here." He plans to participate in the Premier League Paris tournament later this month, saying, "I want to show a different shape from last year." He has already earned the points needed to compete in the Olympics and is expected to be offered as a representative after the tournament.

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