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Bellebon tripod is transferred to Hakuba Photo Industry.

Hakuba Photo Industry, which deals with camera accessories such as camera bags, announced on July 31 that it will take over all the business of Bell Bonn, which deals with tripods, in August. In the future, it is expected that Hakuba Photo Industry will carry out the development, sales, support, etc. of the Bell Bon brand, and Bell Bon will end its business.

  • Bell Bonn, which has a reputation for tripods and monopods, transfers all business including support to Hakuba Photo Industry

Hakuba Photo Industry is strong in accessories such as camera bags, camera pouches, and LCD protective films. Bell Bonn is known as one of Japan's leading camera tripod makers. This time, in the release announced by Hakuba Photo Industry, "In consideration of the affinity with the camera tripod planning, design and development business cultivated by Bell Bonn, we agreed to a policy to transfer the business and continue operation". Said it would transfer all its Belbon businesses to the Hakuba Photo Industry and continue.

  • Hakuba Photo Industry has a lineup of many unique camera accessories such as products that are moisture-proof and sung as "portable camera bags".

Bell Bonn will be announced on July 16th prior to this announcement.Announced that support for inquiry and repair of Bell Bonn products will be changed to Hakuba Photo IndustryWas. The reception of repair items for Bell Bonn products is stated by Bell Bonn side until July 31st, and Hakuba Photo Industry side from August 3rd, and it is considered that the business of Belbon was actually ended on July 31st.

Although details about the future are not disclosed, it is expected that the lineup of Belbon brands and main products will remain for the time being, and the generous support unique to domestic manufacturers will be inherited, so Belbon users and photo fans do not need to worry too much. That's it.

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