Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Japanese passenger car manufacturers in the”true Japanese”and call all the manufacturers and other companies are there? How to prosper as a company, even if the Japanese do not contribute to the companies Japanese companies say that of the people?

【Here】Toyota’s strength, Nissan’s weakness, Honda Chombo (1) “the quality manual and education”is not

First, the situation that determines if data to vaguely see there. Details from the look and decide to play with it. In 2020, 4 month~6 month period,sales halved most of the hit, the vast majority of the world’s automotive companies are in red slipped. The band of 1,000 million units to be sold to manufacturers in the power of the Toyota name.

Recently, the Japanese government”recovery of length after the War 2 the length of the was”was. However, its economic boom during the”Japanese people’s income growth so far?”. Indeed, the majority of Japanese nationality? Companies are booming booming was.

This Japanese population has been reduced to no profit, the shareholder or shareholders in dividends has been just. Listed companies from the Year 13 trillion yen, also said that dividends to shareholders over that. Non-listed companies through the combined 20 trillion yen, so it is presumed that the amount of the world shareholders towards dividend that has been. Them in Japan, just allocated for it?

“Global company”the presence of children if they see some problem. Japan’s domestic production and Honda and Nissan is 20%less than the number of would be. “Domestic sales amount is less natural”, and both companies ‘management, shareholders hear that, but Toyota Japan production of”300 million gain”of the policy.

Toyota domestic production of 300 million units, just 6 percent are exports from Japan only. The Honda is 2%, and Nissan at 3 percent but exports do not. This is,Honda and Nissan in Japan sales number of production funds, without the efficiency from the idea of”local production for local consumption”of global principles of guarding them. But,Toyota is the rising cost to some extent expected, even in”domestic employment”to ensure that.

Honda, Nissan, Global Executive management as well as for the result. Nissan is Carlos Ghosn, the former Chairman of, the equity ratio and in the contract to take the initiative to structure as you can. Renault’s majority shareholder,the French government even easier to grasp the initiative structure is the Global Management was. Honda’s own global company management global personality was.

As a result, to contribute to the global society,Japanese society heart and not the Constitution was. It is Japanese for”industrial hollowing out”means that the employment and income level have negative effects however.

On the other hand, Toyota founding family of management only. The idea of the base is”Japanese”and, I can say that the content only. However, most of the big companies can survive Global,the world market in force with essential. The Chinese market is the world’s largest scale and,the North American market, combined with just to survive the competition are carried out.

Among them, Toyota is the preeminent strength of the current. However, tomorrow is not know. (Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at)

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