Benchmark score comparison between "iPhone SE (2nd generation)" and "iPhone 11 Pro"! Measured with "Geekbench 5" and "AnTuTu"

iPhone SE [2nd generation]The specs of "]really approach the" iPhone 11 "series! ?

Benchmark score comparison between "iPhone SE [2nd generation]" and "iPhone 11 Pro"

iPhone SE [2nd generation]Has the same A13 Bionic chip as the iPhone 11 series.

It is rumored that the contents are the same as the "iPhone 11" series, but does "iPhone SE [2nd generation]" really boast the same performance as the "iPhone 11" series?

Famous benchmark software "Geekbench 5"When"AnTuTu Benchmark”Was used to compare the measurements.

Benchmark score in Geekbench 5

First is the benchmark score of "iPhone 11 Pro". It was single 1,329 and multi 2,695.

Next is the "iPhone SE [2nd generation]" benchmark score. It was single 1,329 and multi 2,626.

I've arranged the benchmark scores for easy comparison.

"IPhone SE [2nd generation]" has the same single-core score as "iPhone 11 Pro", but seems to lose a little in the multi-core score.

The memory capacity of "iPhone SE [2nd generation]" is 3GB

The reason for losing the multicore score is probably the difference in the amount of memory installed.
The iPhone 11 Pro has 4GB of memory,

"IPhone SE [2nd generation]" is 3GB.

However, the "iPhone SE [2nd generation]" that gave almost the same score is amazing!

Benchmark score in "AnTuTu Benchmark"

Next is the benchmark score in "AnTuTu Benchmark". First of all, "iPhone 11 Pro".

Next is "iPhone SE [2nd generation]".

In "AnTuTu Benchmark", "iPhone SE [2nd generation]" has won the CPU score.

On the other hand, the GPU score is an overwhelming victory for "iPhone 11 Pro".

By the way, looking at the state of the benchmark, the processing was a little faster on the "iPhone 11 Pro".

Benchmark score comparison summary

I think there are individual differences in the score, but "iPhone SE [2nd generation]" was quite close to "iPhone 11 Pro."

If playing games is your main goal, then there is no doubt that you have an iPhone SE [2nd generation].

At least until the specs of the iPhone 11 Pro are obsolete, we can fight together.

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Geekbench 5 ・ Distributor: Primate Labs Inc.
・ DL price at the time of publication: ¥ 120
・ Category: Utilities
・ Capacity: 125.0 MB
・ Version: 5.1.1
* Capacity is maximum. It may become smaller depending on the model and other conditions.

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