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Benefit from Neucan to the other party. Wireless and wired headphones with a unique concept in Makuake-Engadget Japan edition

Funding at Makuake is a discount sale as a pre-sale campaign. The price of 26,500 yen is 25% off the list price with a limited number.
OroSound is a manufacturer that launched the unique work-can-no-ear headphones “Tilde” in 2017, which “increases work productivity through ambient noise canceling”. Even in Japan, fundraising is also done at Makuake, and in that case the support amount is over 16 million yen.

This time TILDE PRO (tilde pro) is positioned as an advanced model that has further evolved its technology. At the same time, the shape has been changed to headphones.

Calls made in the noise canceling state, which is a feature, are named “Crystal Clear Call”. In situations where you do not want to send your own noise to the other party, click on the boom microphone to initiate a noise-cancelling call to the other party. Your “voice” will reach the other party clearly.

You can use your own active noise cancellation even when the boom microphone is removed. The other party's “voice” sounds clear even when the microphone is removed.
It is equipped with a remote control function that allows you to make and receive calls with a single button, just like modern wireless headphones.

In addition, when a boom microphone is attached (= noise canceling that does not let others hear you is effective), you cannot hear the voices of the people around the office or the voices of calls next to you. "Recommended for use in office environments where high-quality calls are required."

Support conversations in noisy places

In addition, with regard to the “function to capture ambient sounds”, which is a trend in recent wireless earphones, this unit has been implemented using a technique that seems to be OroSound. Equipped as a function to “listen to the story of the person in front of you”.

By pressing the button at the ear, the voice of the other party in front is identified while operating noise canceling, and the mode shifts to a mode where you can hear clearly. The idea is to be able to carry out smooth conversations at conference halls and cafes where many people gather.

Noise cancellation is also effective when calling Siri or Google Assistant. You can hear assistant voice clearly even in the city noise and improve the recognition rate of voice commands.

Control the effect of noise cancellation

Furthermore, the noise canceling effect can be explicitly changed. You can control the strength of the effect by operating the wheel at the ear. Quick control is also possible when you want to hear the surrounding sound without any discomfort in the surrounding environment and want to reduce the noise canceling effect.

Customizable design

The driver unit, which is the basic headphone, has a high sound quality 40mm diameter. OroSound says “Clear and high-quality music playback”.

Replaceable type that can easily remove not only the boom microphone but also the ear pad. In addition, two types of sizes are available: on-ear (small ear-mounting type) and over-ear (large ear-covering type). A comfortable fit can be selected.
The main body design is based on the design house “Elium Studio” in Paris.

For connection, 3.5mm headphone jack, USB, and Bluetooth 5.0 3-mode shared type. Multi-pairing at the time of BT can connect up to 2 units at the same time. The battery is USB charging, but it can be connected in BT while charging, so it can be used in a wide range of patterns.

The main product specifications are

  • Connection method: Wireless and wired (3.5mm stereo mini jack, USB, Bluetooth 5.0 combined)
  • Wireless communication method: Bluetooth 5.0 (up to 2 devices can be connected simultaneously)
  • Maximum communication distance: 30m (maximum distance in the absence of shielding)
  • Battery life: Up to 32 hours continuous use
  • Charging time: 2 hours to full charge, 30 minutes to 50% (the product can be used while charging)
  • Charging terminal: USB-C
  • Included items: Ear pads (on-ear and over-ear), USB-C charging cable, carrying case, boom microphone (only when the included plan is selected)


“ With headphones that can be used for calls, if you use noise canceling on your own side, it should be used for the other party '' … . Although noise-cancelling on the mic side is installed even on relatively inexpensive models, it is generally not as good as the headphone side (your side).

This model with an eye on it seems to be a headphone with a unique idea. Combined with a combination of wired and wireless structures, two types of ear pads, and a number of unique ideas such as a sound collection function to listen to the story of the other party in front of you, you will be able to pay attention.

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